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Glenrothes is a vibrant town with a population of some 40,000 people, located in the Kingdom of Fife in South-East Scotland. Nearby towns include Kirkcaldy and St. Andrews.

This site is intended to be a handy source of information about Glenrothes and the immediately surrounding areas, giving you instant access to online companies in the region.

What gets listed on

The focus of this site is on companies and resources located in and around Glenrothes, and which have a dedicated online presence (i.e. a website of their own). Certain types of businesses (golf courses, for instance) are likely to be situated outside the immediate vicinity of the town, so the definition of "local area" is flexible.

Where does the information in each listing come from?

Straight from the horse's mouth... In other words, 100% of the information about each listing comes directly from that particular listee's website. That's why some listings don't have much contact information, even though it may be available on 3rd party sites. For accuracy, only information available on the website operated by the listee makes its way into their listing (since people are likely to make sure the info on their own site is accurate).

The listings themselves are drawn from a long list of URLs gathered from various search engines, which I am gradually working my way through manually, visiting each website then analysing and summarising the information it presents.

The intention is to provide a quick, at-a-glance "taste" of a particular listee's services, offering, etc. This is not a "review" site, which is why adjectives and comparatives (largest, tasty, great value etc.) generally don't find their way into descriptions. Short is the operative watchword - the idea is that visitors will go directly to a listee's homepage for more information.

To that end, each listing will take you directly to that particular company's website with a single click.

Note: I'm assuming that people are honest on their own websites. For example, if a pub's website mentions a pool table, I assume that they in fact do have one, and I'll add "pool table" to their description. If you find any major discrepancies, please let me know

I hope you'll find this site useful.

Edwin Hayward (webmaster and admin)

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